D&D 2.0

Session #16 - Shut up, Kitty.

The party enters the darkened chamber and attempts to light the area with a thrown torch, which sizzles and is extinguished as it plops into the unseen waters. As their eyes adjust, they see a twinkling sea of stars in front of them. A fair distance off, they see a glow that doesn’t appear to be coming from the moons that are shining many miles above them from a hole in the chamber. While Deev and Kelva’rha look for a way to get across the water, Threl picks up his mordenkrad and begins walking purposefully into the water towards the glow. After several minutes, the others notice that the water is not rising above Threl’s chest, so they all begin to walk towards the glow. After a few hundred meters they see an island ahead of them. The glow is coming from a shard on a pillar in the island’s centre. There is a prone humanoid figure next to the pillar. It is Picaro, who is unconscious but alive.

Suddenly the light is blocked out and with the flapping of wings, a young black dragon lands on the island before them. She tells them “I am Numinex. My brother foretold of your coming before I slay him. He was short sighted and thought only of his pile of treasure. Daegorath shall reward the loyal ones with treasures beyond understanding. You will all share in Oadavex’s fate. Soon the moons shall align and with this I shall open a doorway those who have watched us for so long.”

A long battle ensues in which the dragon is slain, the shard is obtained, a strange yet familiar sword is taken from Numinex’s body, and the sea once again disappears in a column of blackness. The party returns the way they came, arriving back in Cendriane in the middle of the night. They encounter Belorin on the way to the library, who passes them a dire message from Or’im regarding the hidden shard at Skywatch.

In the library, Kitty eventually fills them in on writings she’s found regarding a strange sword crafted by the Eladrin, the Acolytes of Daegorath, and further reference to a Penumbral event and a doorway to the Watchers. Kitty suggests the party seek out the mystics at Cendriane’s observatory, so after an eventful climb where they encounter some ghosts in a bat cave, they reach the summit. There they are greeted by the mystics Milena Autumnloft and Savian Sunshadow, who advise that the Penumbral event may refer to the total lunar eclipse set to occur in three nights, the likes of which haven’t been seen in the Feywild in over a thousand years.



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