D&D 2.0

Session #15 - What is the worst that could happen?

The party stands around the well that Picaro has just thrown Cailynn down. Picaro, deep in thought, picks some of the star-shaped flowers and drops them into the well. With a rush of air, a blackness of water emerges from the well like a geyser into the sky, swirling around PIcaro and pulling him upwards. Just as suddenly as it began, the blackness evaporates into nothingness. Picaro is nowhere to be seen.

The party returns to Cendriane to seek out Kitty in the library. She reveals she has found the children’s book “Swimming in the Sea of Stars”, a collection of short stories about children in the Feywild and their encounters with this strange star sea. Other tomes Kitty has read refer to a Penumbral event “creating a doorway to “Those who watch over us”, and the fact that the Star Sea can be “called” if the Penumbral Chamber is activated. The party determines they must head into the catacombs below the city and head north towards the mountains to seek out the Penumbral chamber.

As the party “crawls” through the underground chambers, they encounter a pack of skeletons, a couple pesky barghests, and a surprisingly underpowered Beholder. Along the way they acquire a large amount of gold and magical items. They finally enter a small chamber, dimly lit, with a couple of runic statues which they deftly defeat. They find a book, the Tome of the Planes, as well as a bag of seven gems. The party figures out that the gems match the indentations in the wooden door at the room’s end. Once they’ve inserted all seven gems into the star-shaped pattern, the door begins to glow. They open the door and see nothing but blackness in front of them.



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