D&D 2.0

Session #14 - I cast maggots at the Queen.

The party arrives through the other side of the portal and fall unconscious having only glimpsed the sunshine and trees of the Feywild. They awake sometime later as dusk is approaching, well, all except for Kitty, who needs medical aid from Threl to restore her health. Picaro and Deev are still bloodied from their last battle, so the party builds a camp to rest for the night.

The next morning, Kitty leads them west on the nature trail, as she is certain that Cendriane is but a few short hours away. While walking, Kelva’rha searches her pockets and realizes she has a scroll which she’d taken from Orrinshire. On the page is a story about an boy throwing stars into the sea, which Kitty immediately recognizes as a story her mother used to read to her as a child.

A couple hours into their journey west, the party spots a large opening in a rock wall just off the trail. Using extreme stealth, the party enters the cave and finds a large chest. Picaro deftly picks the lock and finds some magical equipment and gold which he (sort of) shares with the rest. Well, not so much shares as “tosses quickly to the others”, as they had drawn the attention of a hideous Fomorian that kept giving them the Evil Eye. After a short and efficient battle (during which Threl was mostly blinded yet still drew blood) the party returns to the trail and walks the last hour or so to Cendriane.

The party enters the city, where Kitty explains that a mythal (magical effect created by the Mages) protects the realm. Looking for more information on the shadowy figure and strange magics in the Feywild, Kitty takes them to the palace to meet with Belorin Woodsoul, the Chief Magic Advisor/Head Wizard/Son of Queen Tariel. Belorin is distraught to report that the Queen is ill and his sister, Cailynn, has been ruling in her stead. The party is given audience with the Queen and her daughter, and Deev is able to discern that some sort of magic is responsible for the Queen’s current state.

The party hopes to find the source of the dark magic and strikes out west of the city to Cendriane’s observatory and Royal Gardens, though Kitty stays behind with Belorin to try and find the book of children’s stories. While investigating a smoking pile of rubble around a well near the back of the gardens, they are surprised by a Treant, though it takes only seconds to attack and ultimately split (in half) the tree creature. As the Treant falls, Cailynn enters the gardens and begins to physically change, revealing she is actually a Hamadryad. She calls forth a treed army of dryads and a deadly battle begins. Cailynn is ultimately overpowered and Picaro throws her down the well, where her scream can be heard echoing for many seconds. With their leader gone, the remaining dryads retreat and disappear back into the forest.

After a completely reasonable amount of time, Belorin and some guards enter the gardens to tell them the news that the Queen has awakened. When the party tells Belorin about what happened to his sister, he looks at them curiously and replies “I don’t have a sister, I am an only child”.



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