D&D 2.0

Session #13 - His Name is Kanye. He's a giant, yo.

The party has a short rest in Orrinshire after being unable to determine the direction in which the robed figure traveled. They do discover small humanoid tracks in the earth that lead them to a dilapidated stone building. As Deev stealthily hides, Picaro and Threl enter the building and find a young elf in wizard robes hiding under a desk. She is Gurdiana Catslove, but her friends call her “Kitty”, and she too is from the Feywild. Kitty followed the shadowy robed figure through a portal near her village of Cendriane. Since her arrival here, Kitty has spent her time reading those books and scrolls she could translate. Kelva’rha is able to translate a scroll written in Primordial, while Threl finds a scroll in Dwarven attached to a pouch of old beans. After several agricultural mishaps, one of the beans sprouts and a beanstalk grows up into the sky. Threl, Deev and Picaro make there way up the beanstalk while Kelva’rha stays behind with Kitty. The party finds a floating stone platform occupied by a giant (wearing a jeweled crown) and his golden dragon. The giant is unwilling to negotiate with Picaro, so a grueling battle ensues in which Threl fights valiantly even though he is seriously injured. After the giant and the dragon are slain, the shard is removed from the crown and given to Threl. The party, after pushing the crown off of the platform, decides to spend the night before attempting the climb down. After waking, they devise a gutsy plan to send the six golden dragons eggs to the ground below. They easily descend the beanstalk, rejoining Fenwig, Kelva’rha and Kitty to return to the Temple and arrange with Belmorn to sell their gold to the local merchant. Picaro suggests that they try to draw out the robed figure by having Kitty (a plane shifter) open a portal. Deev is able to assist Kitty in preparing a portal, though they are interrupted when Deev spots giants approaching in the distance. While the Stone Giants are easily defeated, it takes a little more work to dispatch the Hobgoblins (especially a pesky one that kept climbing out of the river). As the last stone giant falls, the party looks back towards the portal and is faced with the robed figure, who is standing over the unconscious form of Kelva’rha while he restrains an unwilling Kitty. Speaking right into their minds, the robed figure says “You may have found this one, but we know where the largest and most powerful of the shards is hidden. The Draconon will be mended. Daegorath shall eat your souls.” With that, he is able to open the portal and he and Kitty disappear. With no time to debate options, Deev, Picaro and Threl run at the portal, grab Kelva’rha, and jump through as the portal crackles and closes behind them.



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