D&D 2.0

Session #12 - That dwarf runed my favorite mordenkrad.

After exiting the portal into the Plane of Moradin, the party is greeted by two dwarfs – Zanice Onyxarm and his young companion Belkul Ogrescrush. A sudden crackling is heard behind them and four skeletons emerge from the portal and shoot arrows at the party, striking Zanice and Belkul. The skeletons are no match for the party and are easily defeated, after which Threl stabilizes the older dwarf who is seriously injured. An elder cloaked dwarf covered in strange symbols approaches the party and, through a series of strange hand motions, creates strange symbols in the air and on the bodies of the injured dwarfs, ultimately reviving them both. The elder introduces himself as Belmorn Battlefate, head Runepriest at the Temple.

After meat and grog in the drinking hall, the suspicious adventurers take a well deserved rest and awaken early the next day to explore the Temple. Picaro and Deev meet Fenwig Oakencloak, a captain of the Hammers of Moradin, who are charged with protection of the Temple. Fenwig boasts of his recent success in the southern town of Orrinshire, where he closed a strange portal with only his hammer and his courage! There is also talk of a strange robed figure with a staff that has a giant gem on the end who has been seen in the area.

Kelva’rha accompanies Threl downstairs to speak to Belmorn, who is found working mysteriously over a forge. Threl decides to spend some time with Belmorn and, after a few hours of exploration (and drinking), the party return to find Threl a changed dwarf. He has visibly shrunk in size and has a strange runic symbol on his face. Everyone is given gifts from Belmorn that were crafted in the forge. The party decides to journey to Orrinshire to see if more clues can be found as to the identity of the robed figure and its possible connection to the Shards. During this time, Threl speaks to his becoming an apprentice Runepriest. After speaking briefly with the town guards in Orrinshire, where they learn of strange goings on just south of the town, the party approaches the ruins of an old temple as two dwarfs run passed them yelling “Giant!”.

The party is faced with a couple of loathsome orcs, two Goliath, and a Hill Giant, the latter of which is surprisingly easy to defeat. As the last Goliath falls, one of the statues from the entrance to the ruins begins to move, revealing itself to be a robed figure, who withdraws and disappears into the mist.



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