The Gods

Good/Unaligned Deities:

Boann“Be Not Bound”
Boann is the god of water, justice and honor. He tasks his followers to be constantly vigilant against evil and to uphold the highest ideals of honor and justice.
Boann was bound and blinded by his brother Huracan and often appears with a blindfold and broken chains around his wrists.

Etten“Seek out New Ideas”
Etten is the consort of Boann and the god of civilization. She is the muse of great invention, founder of cities the author of law. Her temples are found in many prominent cities in every plane, and it is customary to provide an offering to her when building any new building or structure.
She often appears draped the chains of her lover as an honor to his sacrifice.

Borea“Death is the Natural End of Life”
Borea is the god of winter, fate and death. Mourners call her upon during funeral rites in the hope that she will guard the departed from the curse of undeath. She opposes necromancy in all forms and champions her followers to stamp out undeath wherever they are found.
She appears in a cloak of feathers and brings with her a chill wind.

Huracan“The Flames of Power”
Huracan is the god of fire, strength and power. He was once a source of guidance and inspiration to his followers, but his lust for power turn on him, turning him mad. He is now feared nearly as much as the demon princes, for his murder of his brother Erebus was deemed an unforgiveable crime.
He appears as a man bearded in flames.

Roth“Prove Your Might”
Roth is the son of Huracan and the god of battle and storms. Like his father, he is a chaotic and unbridled god, though one of few commands. He is often revered by fighters and athletes for his fighting prowess, and feared by sailors or anyone at the mercy of thunder.
Roth appears clad in impressive armor and weaponry.

Lempo“Cultivate Beauty”
Lempo is the god of spring, the arts, and the forest. It is thought that he seeded the Faewild with arcane magic and planted most of the magical forests. Artists and musicians worship him, as does anyone who views their arcane power as an art form.
He appears as a nymph or a dryad, often dressed in greenery.

Mesha“Protect the Wild”
Mesha is the daughter of Lempo and god of the wilderness. She is both the wild beast and the peaceful forest. Rangers, hunters and most elves revere her and give offerings to her before undertaking a journey or voyage.
Physical temples to Mesha are considered verboten, as she opposes the rampant spread of cities and empires.
She rarely appears in humanoid form. Instead she chooses to appear as a variety of wild creatures.

Tefnut“Alleviate Suffering”
Tefnut is the god of air, healing and time. He supports all those in need and opposes all that is evil. Tefnut is the patron god of medicine and healing and as such his temples are often sought out as refuges from illness and pain.
He appears as a largely translucent humanoid figure.

Derra“Blind Your Foes with the Light of Truth and Reason”
Derra is the god of knowledge, skill and prophecy. Sages and scholars are her followers, as are all who seek knowledge and mental prowess. Derra is the patron god of study, and most libraries and academies are built in her honor.
She appears draped in gold and wielding a scepter.

Hoji“Make Your Mark”
God of the Earth and patron of artisans, miners and smiths, Hoji is especially highly revered by the Dwarves and Goliaths of the Realm of Moradin. He carved the mountains and earth of the planes and is generally believed to be tenacious and stoic.
He appears as a stalwart figure with a smith’s hammer.

Thea“Change is Inevitable”
Thea is the daughter of Hoji and the god of change, travel & the frontier. Like Mesha, she shuns civilized areas, and as such her temples are more often than not wayward shrines found throughout the world. Merchants, adventurers and those seeking excitement are particularly drawn to Thea, as she is viewed as the god of luck and good fortune.
She appears as a warrior dressed for adventure.

Erebus (dead) – Shadows (was once the god of Light)
Erebus was once the god of light and the sun. However, after his treacherous murder at the hands of his brother Huracan, he disappeared from knowledge. Most people believe that he no longer exists, and his name is no longer spoken of in common practice…

Evil Gods:

Shun Vivas – God Prince of Undeath; the Rotting Husk

Daegorath – Demon Prince of the Abyss; Lord of the Infinite Layers
Daegorath is the Demon Prince of Chaos and the Abyss.

Daesain – Demon Prince of Greed & Envy; the Unrelenting Lady
Ruler of Vaul in the Five Hells:

Daemodeus – Demon Prince of Darkness; Father to Fallen
Ruler of the Shroud in the Five Hells:

Ravenis – Demon Prince of Tyranny; Mother of Maggots
Ruler of Caldoth in the Five Hells:

Amonaester – Demon Prince of Destruction; the Blood Baron of Beasts
Ruler of the Pits of Torment in the Five Hells:

Braegore – Demon Prince of Lies; the Undeniable Heretic
Ruler of Korug in the Five Hells:

The Gods

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