Session Summaries

Session 1: “It’s Raining Deev”
Deev appears above the city of Elinhir and plummets to the ground. After defeating the strange rats that accompanied him, the three heroes are asked by Captain Or’im Balefrost to investigate a missing caravan in the Misty Forest. Once at the Mithadra Keep, the heroes encounter and defeat the Deathfaced Goblin clan and their leader Scar. They take a strange crystal shard off of his corpse and come upon a magically sealed door.

Session 2: “Enter the Blizzard Wizard Lizard”
After a night’s camp, Deev is able to open the sealed door. Inside, they find a Dragonborn Wizard in battle with a group of Kruthik. Together, they defeat the monsters and the wizard introduces himself as Windrammer. The group decides to venture further into the cave and search for the ruined city of Ald’ruhn. They come upon a door protected by a magical orb, that animates a group of skeletal sentinels. Once through this door, they are greeted by a strange, cloaked figure that claims to be an Underpriest of Daegorath. Deev blasts her with a Chromatic Orb and she is defeated.

Session 3: “Spiders, Ghosts & the Party Dies, Oh My!”
As the group makes camp in the ruins of Ald’ruhn, they are awoken by the sound of rumbling as the ceiling of the ruins begins to crumble. They manage to escape the rubble (just barely), and find an ancient library or warehouse of sorts. Inside, a giant spider and its corpse minions attack them. After defeating the spider, they find a bunch of useful ritual tomes, as well as some histories of the city of Ald’ruhn. Windrammer also finds a strange gemstone with swirling ice inside of it. The party continues through the ruins until they find a room filled with treasure and a bird statue with a crown on its head. When Windrammer touches the treasure, they are attacked by a specter and three eladrin ghosts, which are freed from their captivity when Siofra kills the Specter. The party takes all the gold they can carry, which is a lot. They return to the stairs they saw, and find a doorway they can’t open, which seems to be opened with some sort of plates. They climb a narrow chimney to the surface, only to be confronted with the Exarch on the back of a skeletal dragon. The Exarch demands they give up the shard, which they refuse. They are seemingly killed by the Exarch, however, they awaken to find the Mithrenedain have found their bodies. Or’im and his men are baffled that they are alive, and he takes them to Skyreach to heal.

Session 4: “Shadows Loom”
As the party was about to set out from Skywatch for Elinhir, Windrammer was confronted by Alek the Alchemist, who returned the coins he took as payment. He felt that he was taking a part of Windrammer away from him. The party made a detour towards the Hanging Monastery, and was met by two Kaibean atop their enormous Gigoloths. They warned Windrammer that the Monastery had fallen to shadow. The party then ascended to the top of the Monastery (which was now covered in dripping shadow) aboard Windrammer’s Floating Disks. Once there, they defeated 4 large shadow beasts and rescued the monks who were barricaded in the mountain behind the main hall. Father Frostbrow (nee Frost-bro), directed them to an ancient text that seemed to posit that their life forces had somehow become trapped in the coins they had plundered from Ald’ruhn. After ensuring that the Monastery was safe, they made for Elinhir. Once in the city, they encountered a rude Eladrin man named Fyldor Stormshadow, who was attempting to arrest Varyana Greymantle on accusations of treason and sedition. The party made their way past him and spoke to Varyana, who explained that she is the descendant of an arch-mage who created the Draconon by attempting to distill its enormous wealth of knowledge down to a small sphere. Doing so shattered the Draconon and scattered the 7 shards throughout the Faewild. The party then navigated the magical Misty Forest in order to find the Sages of the Forest and find some answers regarding the shards. In the Sage’s grove, they were attacked by two more strange shadow creatures that appeared to feed of the life force of an Elk and a Tree, which then turned on the heroes. After defeating these abominations, the party was greeted by the twin sages of the forest.

Session 5: “When the Most Straightforward Course Leads to the Moon…”
The heroes spoke with the sages of the forest, who cryptically foretold a piece of each of their fate. The sages then offered up the locations of each of the remaining 7 shards of the Draconon, albeit in an equally cryptic way. The heroes then traveled back to Elinhir, where Gwynn noticed that they were being watched by a figure in the shadows. The group pursued the figure, and confronted him on the room of a building. They stripped his clothes off of him, and interrogated him, revealing that he was an operative of the underground crime syndicate known as the BloodMoon. After fruitlessly looking for clues about the BloodMoon’s headquarters, the party returned to house Greymantle to speak with Varyana. She helped the party decipher the sages cryptic locations, and suggested the party speak to a couple of whale tenders named Adran and Adrie. After charging Windrammer with a story, Adran flew the party towards the water-moon of Lysithea. On route, their whale was ambushed by a strange sun-orb commanding woman and her half-giant bodyguards. After a heated battle filled with many near defeats, the party triumphed and defeated their attackers. Adran dropped the party off and hurriedly flew back for home, leaving the party to deal with another group of attackers: this time a group of 4-armed insectoid creatures. The party fought a brief battle, only to be interrupted by yet another group of strange half-octopus moon creatures.

Session 6: “Dragon’s Quest: the Search for the Stolen Sword”
After dealing with the last of the insectoid creatures, the two tentacled creatures (Do-Cephei) gave the party globs of heavy water and took the party below the surface of the water. They then took them to their city in the center of the moon, where they were put face to face with their leader – an adult metallic dragon named Oadavex. Oadavex offered a glimpse at his treasure horde (to look for the crystal shard) in exchange for their assistance in retrieving a stolen sword embossed with the stars. The party picked up that all was not as it seemed with this dragon though… The party then made their assault on the stronghold, where they found a door that could not be opened. They then triggered a trapped room, which filled with poison gas and knocked the group unconscious. They awoke in a pit before the leader of the Karkh’ala, a large psychic insectoid who called himself the Mindhunter. After defeating it and forcing its submission, the party had the Mindhunter open the sealed door, where they found gold, gems and the embossed sword. Windrammer performed a ritual to learn that the sword was crafted out of moonlight by robed Eladrin for a mysterious purpose, and then handed the sword to Gwynn – in doing so, the glyphs on the sword began to glow. Before heading back to the Do-Cephei city, the party broke open the crystal floor of the stronghold, flooding it with water in preparation for a future invasion…

Session 7: “Lessons Learned, or Don’t Underestimate a Dragon”
The party returns to Oadavex with a plan to deceive the dragon and make off with both the magical sword and the shard of Draconon. However, the dragon’s keen perception foils their plan and Gwynn is killed in a dramatic attack on the fierce creature that ends with Oadavex taking the sword from her body. The remaining members retrieve her body and the shard and spirit her back to Eliinhir, where they enlist the priests of Borea to bring her back from the dead. They also learn from Varyana Greymantle that the Bloodmoon continues to pursue them for an unknown reason, and has begun to place bounties on their heads. The party delivers the shard of Draconon to Or’im Balefrost and the Mithrenedain for safekeeping, then journey towards Gwynn’s home city of Haldravad. Along the way, they encounter a group of fairly inept bounty hunters before entering Haldravad and heading for the Autumn Court. There they encounter a group of mystics who are attempting to repair a prism to enhance the powerful telescope that is at the center of the Autumn Court’s treetop observatory.

Session 8: “Venturing Into the Vault of the Vines”
Gwynn is summoned before the Thirteen in secret as the party rests at an inn in Haldravad. She shares some of this information with the rest of the party, and explains how she had to deceive the council in order to keep the location of the shard they rescued a secret. The three, without Windrammer, then journey down to the surface in order to find crystals to repair the damaged prism at the observatory. After they had successfully harvested crystals from a cave, they returned to the observatory and repaired the crystal. Doing so allowed the mystics to create a gigantic map representing all of the Feywild. The head mystic then suggested covertly that they seek out the Vault of the Vines at the base of the tree – and that it would be hidden in a secret facility run by the Autumn Court. After sneaking and bluffing their way into the facility, the party found the entrance to the Vault, which opened only through arcane manipulation. Once inside the Vault, the party jumped from room to room via a system of portals, each time appearing in a new and dangerous area…

Session 9: “There Be Trouble in the Trees”
The party, now in possession of the shard, leave Haldravad. As they are crossing the bridge, they are confronted by a robed figure riding a giant winged monstrosity. The rider’s face is instead a contorted mass of maggots. During the battle the shard is protected and Gwynn is able to acquire the rider’s mage robe. Tired from our battle, the party decides to camp overnight. They are attacked while they sleep, and each awakens in their own cell. The party is eventually able to escape their confinement and elude the elvin guards. The find their leader, Malek, in the caverns, where the elves seem to be digging some sort of shaft in an attempt to attack their enemy, the Drow.

Mini-Session #1: “Spiders and Drow and Driders, Oh My!”

Session 10: “Woah, Man, Those Are Some Powerful ’shrooms”
The party climb down the mineshaft, defeating a terrifying Eldritch Beast along the way. They drop into a lake, find a boat, and row themselves to shore, where they find several dwarven corpses that seem to have been infected by some sort of spore. They encounter a group of Myconid they must fight, and while victorious, the party is infected by the spores. They eventually reach an abandoned city of the Underdark, where they find a gnome girl hiding in the basement of a building. She tells them the city had been attacked by a group of dark skinned creatures led by a figure riding a large beast and carrying a staff with a brightly glowing gem on it. As they are talking to the girl, they hear a commotion upstairs. As the party goes to investigate, the psychotropic effects of the spores kick in, and the party attacks what they believe to be a minotaur, a creature made of liquid fire and lightning, and a walking mirror.

Mini-Sesion #2: “Things That Go Bump In the Faewild”

Session 11: “Never Split the Party, Except When It Doubles in Size”
The party regains their senses and the images of their three attackers begin to morph into that of a Dwarf (Threl), a Genasi (Kelva’rha), and an Eladrin (Jiardem). While introductions are made, the gnome girl notices a shrouded figure on the ceiling – an elf named Picaro. After an exchange of information and magic items, Gwynn leaves for the surface, accompanied by Siofra and Jiardem. Deev is tasked with leading the new party deeper into the Underdark in an attempt to rescue the kidnapped friends of the gnome. Along the way they bamboozle an orc and hobgoblin, attempt to impress some old ghosts with their prowess, and finally come upon a cavern being mined by the gnome’s pals and some weak skeletons. The party defeats some hideous bugbears and a rather lucky gnoll being led by a drow warrior and successfully acquire the shard. They also investigate the recently unearthed subject of the mining operation – a red panel of energy which reminds Deev of the portals he has previously traveled through. Unfortunately, their presence has not gone unnoticed by the robed figure riding the hideous winged beast that crawls out from one of the tunnels. The party – trapped between the face of death and a pool of energy – take their chances with the portal and hop through. They are transported to a foreign land, where they see in the distance a fortress with a large stone dwarf statue in it’s centre. Two dwarves approach and welcome them to the plane of Moradin.

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Session Summaries

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