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Session #16 - Shut up, Kitty.

The party enters the darkened chamber and attempts to light the area with a thrown torch, which sizzles and is extinguished as it plops into the unseen waters. As their eyes adjust, they see a twinkling sea of stars in front of them. A fair distance off, they see a glow that doesn’t appear to be coming from the moons that are shining many miles above them from a hole in the chamber. While Deev and Kelva’rha look for a way to get across the water, Threl picks up his mordenkrad and begins walking purposefully into the water towards the glow. After several minutes, the others notice that the water is not rising above Threl’s chest, so they all begin to walk towards the glow. After a few hundred meters they see an island ahead of them. The glow is coming from a shard on a pillar in the island’s centre. There is a prone humanoid figure next to the pillar. It is Picaro, who is unconscious but alive.

Suddenly the light is blocked out and with the flapping of wings, a young black dragon lands on the island before them. She tells them “I am Numinex. My brother foretold of your coming before I slay him. He was short sighted and thought only of his pile of treasure. Daegorath shall reward the loyal ones with treasures beyond understanding. You will all share in Oadavex’s fate. Soon the moons shall align and with this I shall open a doorway those who have watched us for so long.”

A long battle ensues in which the dragon is slain, the shard is obtained, a strange yet familiar sword is taken from Numinex’s body, and the sea once again disappears in a column of blackness. The party returns the way they came, arriving back in Cendriane in the middle of the night. They encounter Belorin on the way to the library, who passes them a dire message from Or’im regarding the hidden shard at Skywatch.

In the library, Kitty eventually fills them in on writings she’s found regarding a strange sword crafted by the Eladrin, the Acolytes of Daegorath, and further reference to a Penumbral event and a doorway to the Watchers. Kitty suggests the party seek out the mystics at Cendriane’s observatory, so after an eventful climb where they encounter some ghosts in a bat cave, they reach the summit. There they are greeted by the mystics Milena Autumnloft and Savian Sunshadow, who advise that the Penumbral event may refer to the total lunar eclipse set to occur in three nights, the likes of which haven’t been seen in the Feywild in over a thousand years.

Session #15 - What is the worst that could happen?

The party stands around the well that Picaro has just thrown Cailynn down. Picaro, deep in thought, picks some of the star-shaped flowers and drops them into the well. With a rush of air, a blackness of water emerges from the well like a geyser into the sky, swirling around PIcaro and pulling him upwards. Just as suddenly as it began, the blackness evaporates into nothingness. Picaro is nowhere to be seen.

The party returns to Cendriane to seek out Kitty in the library. She reveals she has found the children’s book “Swimming in the Sea of Stars”, a collection of short stories about children in the Feywild and their encounters with this strange star sea. Other tomes Kitty has read refer to a Penumbral event “creating a doorway to “Those who watch over us”, and the fact that the Star Sea can be “called” if the Penumbral Chamber is activated. The party determines they must head into the catacombs below the city and head north towards the mountains to seek out the Penumbral chamber.

As the party “crawls” through the underground chambers, they encounter a pack of skeletons, a couple pesky barghests, and a surprisingly underpowered Beholder. Along the way they acquire a large amount of gold and magical items. They finally enter a small chamber, dimly lit, with a couple of runic statues which they deftly defeat. They find a book, the Tome of the Planes, as well as a bag of seven gems. The party figures out that the gems match the indentations in the wooden door at the room’s end. Once they’ve inserted all seven gems into the star-shaped pattern, the door begins to glow. They open the door and see nothing but blackness in front of them.

Session #14 - I cast maggots at the Queen.

The party arrives through the other side of the portal and fall unconscious having only glimpsed the sunshine and trees of the Feywild. They awake sometime later as dusk is approaching, well, all except for Kitty, who needs medical aid from Threl to restore her health. Picaro and Deev are still bloodied from their last battle, so the party builds a camp to rest for the night.

The next morning, Kitty leads them west on the nature trail, as she is certain that Cendriane is but a few short hours away. While walking, Kelva’rha searches her pockets and realizes she has a scroll which she’d taken from Orrinshire. On the page is a story about an boy throwing stars into the sea, which Kitty immediately recognizes as a story her mother used to read to her as a child.

A couple hours into their journey west, the party spots a large opening in a rock wall just off the trail. Using extreme stealth, the party enters the cave and finds a large chest. Picaro deftly picks the lock and finds some magical equipment and gold which he (sort of) shares with the rest. Well, not so much shares as “tosses quickly to the others”, as they had drawn the attention of a hideous Fomorian that kept giving them the Evil Eye. After a short and efficient battle (during which Threl was mostly blinded yet still drew blood) the party returns to the trail and walks the last hour or so to Cendriane.

The party enters the city, where Kitty explains that a mythal (magical effect created by the Mages) protects the realm. Looking for more information on the shadowy figure and strange magics in the Feywild, Kitty takes them to the palace to meet with Belorin Woodsoul, the Chief Magic Advisor/Head Wizard/Son of Queen Tariel. Belorin is distraught to report that the Queen is ill and his sister, Cailynn, has been ruling in her stead. The party is given audience with the Queen and her daughter, and Deev is able to discern that some sort of magic is responsible for the Queen’s current state.

The party hopes to find the source of the dark magic and strikes out west of the city to Cendriane’s observatory and Royal Gardens, though Kitty stays behind with Belorin to try and find the book of children’s stories. While investigating a smoking pile of rubble around a well near the back of the gardens, they are surprised by a Treant, though it takes only seconds to attack and ultimately split (in half) the tree creature. As the Treant falls, Cailynn enters the gardens and begins to physically change, revealing she is actually a Hamadryad. She calls forth a treed army of dryads and a deadly battle begins. Cailynn is ultimately overpowered and Picaro throws her down the well, where her scream can be heard echoing for many seconds. With their leader gone, the remaining dryads retreat and disappear back into the forest.

After a completely reasonable amount of time, Belorin and some guards enter the gardens to tell them the news that the Queen has awakened. When the party tells Belorin about what happened to his sister, he looks at them curiously and replies “I don’t have a sister, I am an only child”.

Session #13 - His Name is Kanye. He's a giant, yo.

The party has a short rest in Orrinshire after being unable to determine the direction in which the robed figure traveled. They do discover small humanoid tracks in the earth that lead them to a dilapidated stone building. As Deev stealthily hides, Picaro and Threl enter the building and find a young elf in wizard robes hiding under a desk. She is Gurdiana Catslove, but her friends call her “Kitty”, and she too is from the Feywild. Kitty followed the shadowy robed figure through a portal near her village of Cendriane. Since her arrival here, Kitty has spent her time reading those books and scrolls she could translate. Kelva’rha is able to translate a scroll written in Primordial, while Threl finds a scroll in Dwarven attached to a pouch of old beans. After several agricultural mishaps, one of the beans sprouts and a beanstalk grows up into the sky. Threl, Deev and Picaro make there way up the beanstalk while Kelva’rha stays behind with Kitty. The party finds a floating stone platform occupied by a giant (wearing a jeweled crown) and his golden dragon. The giant is unwilling to negotiate with Picaro, so a grueling battle ensues in which Threl fights valiantly even though he is seriously injured. After the giant and the dragon are slain, the shard is removed from the crown and given to Threl. The party, after pushing the crown off of the platform, decides to spend the night before attempting the climb down. After waking, they devise a gutsy plan to send the six golden dragons eggs to the ground below. They easily descend the beanstalk, rejoining Fenwig, Kelva’rha and Kitty to return to the Temple and arrange with Belmorn to sell their gold to the local merchant. Picaro suggests that they try to draw out the robed figure by having Kitty (a plane shifter) open a portal. Deev is able to assist Kitty in preparing a portal, though they are interrupted when Deev spots giants approaching in the distance. While the Stone Giants are easily defeated, it takes a little more work to dispatch the Hobgoblins (especially a pesky one that kept climbing out of the river). As the last stone giant falls, the party looks back towards the portal and is faced with the robed figure, who is standing over the unconscious form of Kelva’rha while he restrains an unwilling Kitty. Speaking right into their minds, the robed figure says “You may have found this one, but we know where the largest and most powerful of the shards is hidden. The Draconon will be mended. Daegorath shall eat your souls.” With that, he is able to open the portal and he and Kitty disappear. With no time to debate options, Deev, Picaro and Threl run at the portal, grab Kelva’rha, and jump through as the portal crackles and closes behind them.

Session #12 - That dwarf runed my favorite mordenkrad.

After exiting the portal into the Plane of Moradin, the party is greeted by two dwarfs – Zanice Onyxarm and his young companion Belkul Ogrescrush. A sudden crackling is heard behind them and four skeletons emerge from the portal and shoot arrows at the party, striking Zanice and Belkul. The skeletons are no match for the party and are easily defeated, after which Threl stabilizes the older dwarf who is seriously injured. An elder cloaked dwarf covered in strange symbols approaches the party and, through a series of strange hand motions, creates strange symbols in the air and on the bodies of the injured dwarfs, ultimately reviving them both. The elder introduces himself as Belmorn Battlefate, head Runepriest at the Temple.

After meat and grog in the drinking hall, the suspicious adventurers take a well deserved rest and awaken early the next day to explore the Temple. Picaro and Deev meet Fenwig Oakencloak, a captain of the Hammers of Moradin, who are charged with protection of the Temple. Fenwig boasts of his recent success in the southern town of Orrinshire, where he closed a strange portal with only his hammer and his courage! There is also talk of a strange robed figure with a staff that has a giant gem on the end who has been seen in the area.

Kelva’rha accompanies Threl downstairs to speak to Belmorn, who is found working mysteriously over a forge. Threl decides to spend some time with Belmorn and, after a few hours of exploration (and drinking), the party return to find Threl a changed dwarf. He has visibly shrunk in size and has a strange runic symbol on his face. Everyone is given gifts from Belmorn that were crafted in the forge. The party decides to journey to Orrinshire to see if more clues can be found as to the identity of the robed figure and its possible connection to the Shards. During this time, Threl speaks to his becoming an apprentice Runepriest. After speaking briefly with the town guards in Orrinshire, where they learn of strange goings on just south of the town, the party approaches the ruins of an old temple as two dwarfs run passed them yelling “Giant!”.

The party is faced with a couple of loathsome orcs, two Goliath, and a Hill Giant, the latter of which is surprisingly easy to defeat. As the last Goliath falls, one of the statues from the entrance to the ruins begins to move, revealing itself to be a robed figure, who withdraws and disappears into the mist.

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